Why do you need a coach?
Let’s start with Why! Have you ever wondered how did you end up being a grown up capable of living day to day life? Of course not, it all comes naturally. From the day you were born, everything seemed to come naturally. If you were to take a magnifying glass and go back to day 1, observe your first 10-20-30 years of life, you would be surprised that every single thing (apart from the self-functioning system of your body) was taught to you by your parents, relatives, teachers, friends and your own self. The progression that you took to grow into a functioning adult was a series of exploring and learning, learning about yourself and about this world. Did you do it all alone? Absolutely not! Were there people through the journey whom have supported you, challenged you, encouraged you? Absolutely yes! This is why coaching is important in your adult life. As your parents, teachers and friends have changed or their roles might have changed, you can always work with a coach who will help you maximize your potential and support you to move forward in your journey.